Whether it is your first project or your latest, Construction Quarterback understands the unique responsibilities and obstacles during the process of designing and constructing buildings. We serve as your advisor, facilitator and mediator, always making sure of your best interest. We take the complicated, time consuming commercial construction process and simplify it for you.

Key Differences between Construction Quarterback and other Owner’s Reps.

  1. You are getting a seasoned veteran with a passion for construction.
  2. We understand the numbers better than any member of the team.
  3. Our energy level is infectious and drives the team.
  4. We are the "Jerry Maguire" of Owner's Reps. - "Fewer Clients, More Personal Attention".
  5. We are tough negotiators and won't back down in a fight representing the Owner's Best Interests.
  6. We use cutting edge technology such as - Procore, Sage, Primavera. This allows us to assist all sides of the team.
Our Services

Rate Sheet

Project Cost Construction QB Fees
1 Million or less 3%
1-5 Million 2%
5-20 Million 1%
20 Million + 0.5%
Hourly Rate $250/ Hour

Return on Investment (ROI)

An investment in Construction QB's services quickly pays for itself via savings generated from:

  • Our detailed GC and subcontractor scope analysis
  • Negotiating the GC and subcontractor contracts
  • Value engineering throughout the project
  • Preventing lien issues by properly auditing monthly draws
  • Negotiating potential change orders
  • Avoiding legal bills
  • Completing your project on time